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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (For Gay Guys)

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Valentine's Day has often overlooked the LGBTIQ+ community, so we’re giving you gay guys some carefully selected Valentine’s Day date ideas. These cute ideas for Valentine’s Day will offer you an alternative to the usual overcrowded (and overpriced) restaurant and let you celebrate in a genuinely memorable way. At the time of writing the pandemic is unfortunately still a threat, so the suggestions below can be enjoyed away from crowded places. We hope you have a wonderful day together! If you enjoy reading this we'd really appreciate if you shared it with your friends.

Wine and painting  

This is one of our personal favorites and if you aren’t used to painting you can always swap the blank canvas for paint by numbers!  

Gourmet recipe kit 

One way to beat the restaurant without losing the taste is to order a gourmet recipe kit and cook it together on Valentine’s Night. There are tonnes of high-end restaurants that offer recipe kit options and cooking it with your other half is a great way to kick off the Valentine’s celebration. 

Naughty board game night 

If you’re looking to spice things up for Valentines, then a naughty board game will do just the trick. Our flagship board game (called Blocks of Desire) is designed for gay male couples and is available from our store now. It combines romantic questions with naughty moves to give you a Valentine’s night to remember.  

Walk on the beach and catch the sunset 

There’s nothing quite like the sound of the sea to make you feel like the whole world consists solely of the two of you! After your romantic stroll you can cuddle up together and watch the sunset. 

Global themed dinner and drinks  

Ok guys, we know foreign vacations haven’t been easy to take recently so why not use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to sample some food and drink from a country you've always wanted to visit? You can go Italian by pairing a nice Seafood Linguine with an Aperol Spritz or how about an authentic Mexican night featuring Enchiladas and Palomas. 

Romantic movie binge 

Let’s be honest if there are still some romantic movies left for you to watch together then you probably haven’t been dating longer than a year! However, there's no better occasion to get through a few of the classics. Our top 3 suggestions are Pretty Woman, Love Actually and Call Me By Your Name. Valentine’s Day is complete. 

Tour your romantic places of importance 

Another one that really scores high on the romance and is perfect for Valentines. Make a list of important places like where you first kissed, where you first met or held hands in public and then revisit these places together.  

Bubble bath and massage 

Probably the best idea to get you both in the mood. Kick things off with a steamy bubble bath, followed by an erotic massage. From there I think the rest is obvious! 

At home Karaoke  

At home Karaoke may well be a daily occasion for many of you but it also makes for an amazingly memorable Valentines date. Just get some YouTube up on screen and you can have the lyrics of all your favorite Gaga or Kylie songs up in an instant.  

Have a romantic picnic under the stars 

A good picnic is all in the preparation so spend time together in the morning whipping up some amazing treats. For night time we recommend a platter of antipastos and a bottle or Merlot. Try not to miss the stars by staring into each other's eyes for too long!  

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