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The Gay Guys’ Guide to Naughty Foreplay Techniques

After a busy night out or a long week of work, some gay guys just want to get straight down to sex – but wait! Let’s have a little foreplay first! Don’t just skip straight over the entrees in favour of the main course. Foreplay is really important for deepening that connection between partners but it's crucial to have some good techniques under your belt. Let’s look at how you can master your foreplay game. 

Not In The Mood? Try A Massage! 

There are times that we are just not in the mood. This may be after a difficult day at work or long working hours, or just our mood. Massage is the perfect way to not only unwind but to also turn on the pleasure zones. Even if massage does not lead to sex, it is still erotic and pleasurable and has the double whammy of helping to relax away tension. There are few things as erotic as a massage and if you don’t know what you are doing – learn – that’s what YouTube is for! You don’t need much to start massage – a sheet (or towel), relaxing music, candles and oil. Massage should not be rushed, no matter how horny you are! Massage should be pleasurable for you both and not just undertaken with an end result in mind. The wait will be worth it for you both! 

Try A Naughty Board Game Like Blocks Of Desire! 

Many gay couples who are in long term relationships worry that foreplay can become boring from time to time. Thankfully, there are so many ways you can spice things up together and it just takes a little honest commitment from you both. One solution is closer than you would think. Blocks of Desire is an adult board game which has been designed with gay couples in mind! It’s a great way to inject some spontaneity into your sex life and you will have lots of fun doing it! The game is available through our store and we offer free delivery to the US mainland. You can also find the game on Etsy.

a man playing blocks of desire, an intimate board game for gay men

Sensitive Ear Nibbling 

This is a very erotic area for many as the earlobes are really sensitive. Kissing, nibbling and gentle biting are all good starts to your erotic foreplay. You can move your sensual lips down the neck, underneath the chin and along to the chest. However, be warned some people are just too sensitive and the ears may have them giggling like children – not so erotic! 

A gay couple embracing

Nipples Love To Join In 

Once you’ve started kissing and nibbling ears, you may notice your partner’s nipples starting to harden and become aroused. That’s a great way to move onto nipple work. Everyone’s nipples are different, and some can be really sensitive, so take time to get to know your partner’s nipples. You can use your mouth, tongue, fingers, clamps, pastry brush, feathers or anything that you can think of to heighten the pleasure zone. Remember to communicate though, because if they are especially sensitive in the nipple area and you are just ploughing on ahead without thinking – then disaster may be looming ahead.  

Bottoms Up! 

Rimming or eating ass is very sexy but it is not for everyone – and that is ok as long as you both agree. However, it’s best not just to launch into rimming without any form of prior cleansing ritual. That is why douching was invented! Cleansing your ass can be done in a number of ways – special douching bulbs are effective, but so is a showerhead on a low pressure setting. As long as you get liquid up your butt to remove any excess excrement or debris then you are good to go. Not only is this a pleasurable exercise in its own right, but it is also great for virgin gays as it relaxes the butt ready for penetration. Kissing, licking, nibbling, gentle teasing penetration with the tongue are all great ways to whip your partner up into a sexual frenzy. The more you do it the more adept you will become. 

Boys And Their Toys 

There are so many different sex toys available that you may feel overwhelmed. However, you don’t have to go out and buy sexual toys to start with. There are many things at home that can double up as sex toys. For example, if you want to try out spanking, try a wooden kitchen spoon or a soft leather belt (not too hard though!) By experimenting you will find different textures cause different pleasures and you will have more idea about what to buy and what to leave alone. Vibrators and dildos are very pleasurable, although some dildos can be too hard which may make them less erotic, unless you want to try it a bit of rough. Be adventurous as long as it is something you both want. Of course, you will need lubricants for penetration, and it pays to experiment with these too as some are better than others. Like everything else in life, it is not a one-size-fits-all.   

Porn Anyone? 

Not only can watching porn together get you both in the mood, but it can also educate you both. Discover new positions, techniques and become more confident in your requests. There is so much available that you can literally choose anything. Just start with what you know you enjoy and then talk about including different types of porn to your wishlist – such as fetishes, bondage, S&M, but only if you are both comfortable with it. Porn is great to get you into sexual roleplaying and can be just the tonic a flagging relationship needs. Discovering new things about each other is very erotic and even if you don’t want sex, you can both enjoy masturbating each other.  

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