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Sexy Role Play Ideas for Gay Couples

Ever passed by a construction site with your partner and fantasized about getting on top of or underneath one of those rugged pipe layers? Have you daydreamed about getting it on while waiting in the dentist’s waiting room? If so, then role play could be just for you! 

Role play is a fantastic way for couples to act out their sexual fantasies and desires with each other. It can be planned in advance or performed spontaneously. Either way, the aim of this article is to provide you with some naughty ideas for gay role play scenarios which you can try tonight. Be sure to use your imagination and put your own twist on things! 

1. Strangers (recommended for: adventurous couples)

Acting as strangers can be a really popular role play scenario for couples and features quite regularly in gay porn. The idea is that you both pretend you don’t know each other and are meeting for the first time. This can spark up all kinds of dirty talk as one partner tries to convince the other to follow them home or elsewhere! We recommend meeting in a random public place such as a gym or bar but if you really want something memorable than you can rent some unique accommodation!  

strangers meeting at a bar

2. Pet play (recommended for: animal lovers or domination/submission)

This is another common form of gay role play where couples imitate an animal before and during foreplay or sex. For example, one partner can get on all fours and approach the other partner from behind or lick them affectionately. Couples can choose an animal of their choice or even their partner’s favorite pet. The experience can be enhanced with costumes or kinky clothing. This type of role play can be perfect for animal lovers or couples who like domination or submission as one partner can pretend to be the obeying puppy or dog. It’s great for outdoor sex too! Just be sure that privacy is assured before having fun outdoors.  

3. Doctor and Patient (recommended for: sex toy fanatics.

If you ever fantasize about doing it with a doctor then you’re not the only one! This one is definitely worth putting in some solid preparation by finding good costumes and suitable sex toys (think of measuring tape, stethoscopes, lube and plugs). All kinds of different scenarios can be played out but a typical one involves an inspection where one partner, the “patient,” is slowly and gradually seduced by a “doctor” who performs a full body check. Partners can also play out a scenario where a doctor comes to the assistance of their partner who has fallen down or is struggling with a physical injury!  

sexy topless male doctor

4. Kidnapper and Victim (recommended for: couples who love bondage)

This one is great for couples who love bondage as it opens up the opportunity to use rope and tape. Naturally, the precise arrangements should be discussed and agreed upon in advance so that nobody gets overwhelmed or scared. We always encourage setting boundaries in sexual relationships and role play is no different! One partner plays the “kidnapper” and kidnaps the “victim” before keeping them hostage in a chosen location like a shed or garage. At agreed intervals, the kidnapper checks on the “victim” who has to negotiate their way to freedom.  

5. Porn Star and Director (recommended for: couples who like to swing or exploring different moves)

This is a great role play idea for couples who want to try new sex moves or enjoy group sex. One partner will act as the “director” who is hosting a gay porn audition while other partners will play the “candidates” who are hoping to become the next big gay porn star. The candidates can be given a script of actions to perform as part of the audition or they could simply release their inhibitions and try to impress the director with their own newly learned sex moves.  

back view of topless man with phrase porn queen

Looking for naughty foreplay ideas or exciting new sex positions? Blocks of Desire has plenty of ideas for you! Each game comes with a “Naughty List” and a “Nice List” which has sex moves of different intensity levels! The game is available in Mainland US and we do free delivery!

Have you tried any role play recently? Feel free to add to our list above or simply say hello by reaching out to us on our social media channels (see icons in the website footer).

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