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In Search of A Truly Unique Gay Wedding Gift

You have had your suit cleaned, you booked the day off work and you know how to get to the venue. That means you’re all set for your friend’s gay wedding right? Hmm, but you still have to find the right gift for the happy couple!  

If you’re searching for the best gay wedding gift then you can consider your search complete. Blocks of Desire is a romantic board game which has been specifically designed for gay couples. Make no mistake, the game is a little raunchy but it’s the perfect gift for gay men ahead of their honeymoon! Trust us, this is a gift they will always remember. 

The game itself couldn’t be much easier to play, players start by stacking up the blocks into a tower and then take turns trying to remove a block from the top. However, the temperature quickly heats up as each block that is removed from the tower corresponds to a romantic question or naughty move from either the “nice list” or the “naughty list.” Couples can also choose to agree a forfeit in advance for whoever topples the tower at the end.  

Our favourite part about the game is how it allows gay couples and gay newly-weds to have a truly romantic experience together. But don’t just take our word for it, the customer reviews so far have been fantastic! 

positive customer reviews of Blocks of Desire

The other part we love about the game is there’s free shipping anywhere in the US mainland!  

The game makes for a truly memorable same-sex wedding gift which will most certainly stand out amongst all the generic ‘His & His’ t-shirts which lots of other guests will likely buy. If you want to really impress the two grooms, then Blocks of Desire has got you covered. 

If you’d like to discover more, check out our online store. You can also purchase from Etsy. 

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