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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life This Week (For Gay Couples)

Sex can be so strange sometimes! In the early days of a relationship the sexual connection can be so alive that it feels like it will never ever quench. However, roll forward a couple of months or years and the act of love making with your boyfriend or husband can feel much less inspiring or even monotonous. While it’s perfectly normal for couples to experience this, it can often be a cause for stress and anxiety in the relationship with couples wondering how to recapture that spark.  

At Blocks of Desire, it is our mission to get more and more gay couples to enjoy their sex lives to the fullest. With that in mind, this article aims to give you the inside scoop to help you to spice up your sex life.  

1. It begins with a conversation! 

This is most definitely the starting point for any gay couple who want to spice up their sex lives and start having more enjoyable sex. Many relationship experts note that simply talking about sex more often as a couple is directly correlated with having sex more frequently.  There are a number for potential reasons for this. Firstly, talking about sex together helps you to understand more about your true underlying desires and fantasies which allows you to satisfy each other’s needs more accurately. Secondly, you can imagine each time you talk about sex as planting a little seed of naughtiness in your partner’s mind which encourages more sexual activity. Just be sure you are both on the same page in terms of boundaries and the desired frequency of sex!  

gay couple having a conversation

2. Tear up the script! 

You can’t spice things up without first changing the menu! One of the reasons that sex can become mundane is because it feels too routine or repetitive. Introducing an element of surprise into your sex life is all about being unpredictable. So rather than a few minutes of foreplay followed by gay missionary just before bedtime, try surprising your partner by changing the storyline. How about spontaneous sex during a tv commercial or while dinner is roasting in the oven?  

Blocks of desire blog picture of silver handcuffs

3. Dirty texts are a great way to build suspense 

Ever received a raunchy and naughty text message from your boyfriend or husband while you were away? If you have then I’m sure you couldn’t wait to get home to unleash yourself on them! One of the reasons for this is that ‘sexting’ builds up sexual suspense. When you read a dirty text message but can’t act on those desires immediately, your body responds by heightening the arousal levels. We recommend starting out on the lighter side but racketing up the intensity over time.  

man using his phone

4. Need some inspiration? Try a game of Blocks of Desire 

We totally appreciate how hard it can be for gay couples to spice things up which is exactly why we created the Blocks of Desire board game! The game combines romantic questions with naughty sex moves and is also extremely fun to play! Our experts tested hundreds of different questions and moves but compiled the very best onto two lists, the “Nice List” and the “Naughty List.” It’s the only game where playing dirty is actually encouraged!  

5. Get into character with sexy roleplay 

Not an obvious choice for all couples but we highly recommend giving this a go! Roleplay can bring all kinds of excitement into your sex life and take you to places you never imagined you could dare to go. A little more preparation is needed for this one in terms of picking characters and setting the scene but it’s all worth it in the end! If you would like some inspiration for different scenarios then check out an earlier article we published on sexy role play ideas.

Sexy roleplay ideas for gay couples poster

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