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How to Find The Best Valentines Gift (2021)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of us have been struggling to figure out what to buy for our partners. So in the spirit of love and romance, we wanted to help you to absolutely nail the gift buying this year. Below, we discuss some simple steps for you to follow to make sure you find the perfect Valentines gift in 2021.  

1. Be observant

This is our top tip for buying the best present for your partner and can be super effective if you want to find a really meaningful gift. It’s all about being observant for any little hints or clues you can pick up on throughout your normal day together. You would be surprised how much more of these you will pick up on from your partner directly once you are tuned into them. Did anything catch their eye during a recent trip to the mall or elsewhere? Have they ever mentioned something they dreamt of owning? What is that one place they say they would absolutely love to visit? Thinking along these lines will help guide you towards something they really like or need as opposed to a routine present that everyone else is buying. 

man shopping for valentines gift for his boyfriend

2. Convey your inner Cupid

This is where shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts is different to other celebrations, remember it’s a celebration of love! We don’t suggest picking up a generic teddy bear with a love heart but try to think about gifts that show how much you love them or represent you as a couple. You can try custom printed gifts or go sentimental with a canvas print of all your favorite photos together. These can be purchased pretty cheaply and will help preserve the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.  

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3. Experiences are often better than materials 

When it comes to picking a great gift, think of the experience as a whole. Experiences can often offer much more substance in the long run than material goods. A romantic weekend away will certainly last longer in the memory than a bunch of flowers! You can always aim for the best of both worlds too. If you are booking that romantic weekend away then we recommend spicing things up with a game of Blocks of Desire which is available from our store now. It’s one of the only romantic board games which designed for exclusively for gay male couples. 

4. Ask their family and friends

Most of us know our partners as well as anyone but, there are always things about them we are yet to find out. Similarly, when it comes to buying a present for them, there might be things they just haven’t spoken to you in detail about or you might be out of the loop on certain hobbies that you don’t share. This is where their close friends and family can be super helpful and will often be delighted to help provide you with a few pointers or ideas if you ask them nicely. 

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5. Take note of their tastes

This is a great way to test and validate gift ideas before you buy them. Have a think about their favorite clothes, ornaments or decorations as these will give you an idea of the styles, brands and colors that they usually pick. Try and stay clear of anything that is wildly different to their existing tastes unless they have explicitly hinted at wanting or needing it.

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