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Awesome Double Date Ideas

Going on a double date can be a really great way to spend some quality time with your partner while also getting the opportunity to catch up with old friends or make new ones.  Some people find that one on one dating can be little daunting, especially in the early days of a relationship, so having some extra company there can help you both to relax a little more. For people in more long-term relationships, hanging out with other couples or friends can be really beneficial as it can freshen things up for you both and give you the chance to hear other peoples’ best stories! 

Below we have included our favourite ideas for double dates. We’ve tried to break these ideas down into specific categories to help you choose the one that’s right for your group. 

4 men on a double date

1. Get active together 

This is a great idea for the sporty types. You can shoot hoops at a local park or how about trying something more adventurous like kayaking, laser tag or surfing. You’ll have fun and get exercise at the same time! Some sports are just better when played with more than 2 people so why not try some of these for your next double date. 

2. Team up and take part in a nerdy challenge 

If you don’t feel like getting really sweaty or overly competitive as a group then why not form a team of 4 for trivia night at a bar or try your hand at solving an escape room as a group? These activities are great for forming bonds and creating lasting memories.  

3. Discover some culture 

Another great idea is to explore and discover something cultural together like an art gallery, history museum or science museum. Even if you aren’t the typical type to visit the latest art exhibition or science fair, there is always something for everyone once you are willing to look a little harder. The way to do this is to stay on top of local events or specific meet ups in your area such spoken word events, remembrance events or comedy festivals. Just be sure to run this past the other couple in advance! 

4. Go on a booze crawl 

If you are looking to loosen yourselves up and enjoy some good whole hearted fun with another couple then there are very few easier ways to do this than enjoying a few drinks together. However, here at Blocks of Desire we are not in the business of giving you basic dating advice so do hear us out! The key here is to figure out what you all enjoy from a day or night out and make sure you cater for these. You might want to catch some live music so pick a bar on your route which always has good bands playing. If you have some aspiring Lady Gagas in your group then pick a bar which has karaoke. You don't have to restrict yourself to bars either, you can always do a wine tour at a vineyard or sample something a little stronger at a distillery. Although our personal favorite has got to be a bottomless brunch!    

5. Take a class together 

This is a great idea for two couples who are already quite close and a good excuse to book in some regular hang time together. There are so many good options here like dance classes, pottery classes or singing lessons.   

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