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5 Steps To Improve Your Same-Sex Relationship in 2021

2020 brought its fair share of new challenges for couples. Many struggled with sudden unemployment, others had to work from home together and some even had to deal with the trauma of losing of a loved one.  In this article, we look forward to 2021 and examine 5 key steps which you and your same sex partner can take to improving your relationship in this important year. 

1. Strive for better communication 

It is perfectly normal for couples to have disagreements from time to time but it doesn’t always have to end with feelings of bitterness, hurt and anger. Often in couples therapy, partners learn how to fight constructively. This involves speaking honestly to your inner feelings and using non-critical language. The Gottman Institute have a wealth of resources which are designed to help couples to improve communication. We recommend reading this one about effective communication.

2. Set aside time for frequent check ins 

By setting aside time for more regular check ins, couples can build a safe space to freely discuss feelings. This builds trust and understanding and will help to prevent minor issues growing into recurring problems. Just remember to be a good listener as well as a good speaker! Don’t be afraid to speak to a relationship counselor who can coach you on this process. There are a host of therapists out there who specialize in helping same-sex couples.  

3. Make date nights really special 

Relationships can be defined by the quality of time we spend together rather than the quantity. People need to feel invigorated by their significant other so thinking of exciting and fresh date ideas can help to provide that essential spontaneity and variety. We recently discovered a great article on awesome gay date ideas which you can find here.   

4. Positive affirmations are a big plus 

If you have something good to say to your partner then why not say it! People need assurance that their loved one loves them dearly. It’s a core requirement in any healthy relationship but it can be difficult to express your love in a way that is commonly understood. One approach is to write down one thing that you love about your partner every day and read it back to them. Make this a regular activity to do with your significant other. 

5. Explore new ways to enjoy sex 

A healthy sex life will go a long way to sustaining a relationship over the long term, whether straight, same sex or otherwise! Keeping an open mind to exploration, maintaining open communication and respecting boundaries are three core pillars of a healthy sex life. There are various ways to experiment and try new things. If you want to try something different why not head over to our shop and check out our intimate board game for gay men. The game is designed to help couples inject some excitement, passion and spontaneity into their sex lives and could be just the thing you need to help spice things up. 

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