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5 Great Relationship Goals for Gay Couples

Goal setting has become more and more popular of late, particularly at the turn of a new year. Many of us will regularly set and strive towards individual goals in our lives but how often do you sit down with your partner and consider your goals as a couple?  

Whether you are just starting out on your journey together or in a more mature relationship, there is so much to be gained by setting goals for your relationship. In this article, we present 5 simple but effective relationship goals which every gay couple should try. 

1. Do more random acts of love 

There’s something quite special about those times when your partner surprises you. It could be arriving into work and finding a cute romantic note attached to your lunch or coming home from the gym and seeing your favourite take away on the table. Random acts of love have the power to take us completely by surprise and totally sweep us off our feet! Aim to show off your romantic side more regularly, and you can be sure that he will return the favor in some shape or form! 

gay love note

2. Complement each other at least once a day 

Being openly positive about one another is vital for any gay relationship to thrive. If you think of love as the engine of a relationship than compliments could be seen as the fuel which makes the engine purr. Compliments not only help to affirm your affection for each other but will also work wonders for personal self-esteem and confidence which will in turn, fosters more happiness in the relationship. We recommend that couples should commit to offering each other at least one compliment per day.  

man with happy and surprised expression

3. Pick something you both want to improve, then aim to do it together 

Nothing brings you closer together than setting out on a challenge together. Sharing a challenge encourages you to support each other and demonstrates how much you care for your other half. Typical shared challenges for couples include improving your diet, giving up tobacco or alcohol or shedding a few pounds. We recommend that you set clear and measurable targets together in order to keep you focused and motivated on the goal. Be sure you are both present when you record any results so that you can celebrate together as a couple.  

two men hiking

4. Talk about your future more together 

What are your dreams for the future? Would you like to move in together, raise children or get married? LGBT+ couples often find they have to plan longer in advance for certain milestones so it’s especially important that they take the time to talk about what they both want out of the relationship. Some people find it more difficult to talk about this so we recommend setting aside a bit of time for those important conversations. Set a goal that you will find more time to talk about your future together. 

gay couple flirting

5. Make more sacrifices for each other 

Making sacrifices for one another is a crucial component in a successful long-term relationship. Your level of sacrifice often equates to how much you value the relationship so it’s important to show this in abundance. Sacrifices can be big or small, from letting the other half pick the next series to watch on Netflix to moving to a new country or state so that your partner can take up that dream job they always wanted. 

sacrifice equals love

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